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The DIYer by Artie Wallace

"Real DIYer projects for everyday people"

About me

and my articles / my books

After over 30 years working in the Home Improvement field, I was thinking about doing something a little more creative in my spare time. We have a local free weekly newspaper that was only open for a few months. As a well known contractor in my area, I came up with the idea of writing a weekly DIYer article. 

In April of 2015 I went in and presented my idea of the article to the paper's owner (Kevin Boyle). Being that no paper in the area had anything like it, Kevin loved the idea. A week later my first article was published in the paper. 

With space being limited to 300 words (now up to 500 words), it was difficult to provide adequate detail but I must have did a pretty good job because a year after the article started, I had a nice following. As a result, I now have a Facebook page (​), I am in the process of setting up a YouTube channel for The DIYer and I put all my articles in a book. 

On February 10 the of 2017 I started writing a second weekly article for an online media called The Dollar ​

On April 8 the 2017, I made my debut on National TV. The TLC Channel contracted my company to do the work on the first 2 pilot episodes of “Hidden Money Makeover”. Unfortunately I am not the star of the show, but I did appear on the show for about 15 seconds.

Continuing to give back to the community, I am currently working on organizing a monthly DIYer class to give people hands on experience with the projects I write about. The classes are planned to start in April of 2017. 

If you read my books and/or articles, please provide me with your feedback. I am always interested in what my readers think and have to say.

Thank you

Artie Wallace